P.A.N. Memberships

What does P.A.N. do for its members?

Members regularly receive the P.A.N. newsletters keeping them informed about ceramics events, developments, people and places, in and around Namibia. Practical workshops, demonstrations and lectures covering different styles, techniques and subjects from beginner to advanced pottery levels are regularly offered. Alternating with informal theme exhibitions, the prestigious biennial exhibition with prizes awarded by an attending international guest selector / exhibitor / workshop presenter, is the most important event at which members work is showcased.

Joining P.A.N. will enable potters to learn many new styles and techniques, as well as the opportunity of improving skills and, above all, enjoying the camaraderie of other potters at gatherings. Members also receive four glossy South African "National Ceramics Quarterly" magazines per year, filled with information of ceramics world wide, interesting articles on personalities, new trends, exhibitions, and manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and materials.

Student and Pensioner members receive the newsletters only and not the NCQ Magazine, but may attend workshops and other events at reduced membership rates.

Country members are potters who live outside Namibia, but within the SADC area, and receive all the above benefits of membership. The Institutional membership category serves as an information platform to keep tertiary institutions abreast with pottery/ceramic events and developments in Namibia and is available to all Universities, Colleges and Schools in Namibia.

A comprehensive, educational video lending library is available at a nominal fee to members who cannot travel to the centres to attend workshops. A professional website, with many related links, keeps us in contact with ceramics globally. A Friend of P.A.N. is a V.I.P. patron member, enthusiastic and supportive of Namibian ceramics and development, will receive exclusive notification and special invitations to our events.